First video editing in Liverpool suites


Edit 2 played host to the first video edit in Liverpool. Cutting the rushes of a three camera shoot was no easy feat in the time given for the production by Punchline. Three medical case studies were edited with a spectrum of codecs from a Z1, (a real pain digitising tape again) EX1 and GH2 and ingest took until late at night to enable editing to start early the next day. Jamie an ex Lime Pictures editor now freelance and working on Casualty claimed he was getting used to editing medical topics! Final cut pro used to ingest, cut and basic grade.

The system was a temporary rig as the new equipment is still being specified but it is thought that edit two will be an HD video and Pro Tools HD suite.

Jamie Weddell Sublime Pictures

Liverpool edit suites take shape


The main video suite started to take shape in Liverpool today, very exciting. After only a morning of juggling wood, panels, bolts, steel legs etc. structure started to form.

We also made a start on the sound dubbing suite which will also double as video edit suite too. So good to be finally building after all the ideas.

Check back as things shape up in the future, if you want to edit or dub in Liverpool get in touch and we can be chatting while we build, even customise for you!

The new Sublime Pictures site is up!


Well we are online and the site will shape up this week. Check back soon to see the content going in and services outlined. Our Manchester office is operational and has been working recently for Lime Pictures, Activideo Communications, Dollar Factory Films, Mark Davenport and others. The Livepool office is being fitted out and will be operational later in the year. We aim to provide grooming for your programme without breaking your bank, we believe you deserve sublime pictures.