Colour Grading

We Make The Grade

Colour grading doesn’t have to be done in an expensive suite, there are different levels of tasks that need to be performed.

We believe that time is a valuable part of the process. You spend time cutting in off-line suites  to reduce the pressure of an expensive suite. Why not spend time in a low cost grading suite to reduce the time spent performing low level tasks in an expensive suite?

Pimary Grade ensures that the contrast and colour of the pictures matches within scenes and generally across the whole programme. This can be done within Final Cut, Resolve  and Avid and many other programs without moving it to Resolve or Baselight.

If you bring your project on fast drives and we have the same software we can start work straight away smoothing your pictures to tell the story and not jarring the eyes of the viewer who should be enjoying a visual feast.

Secondary Grade is a way to be more creative by adding shading to pictures and more subtle colour correction and motion tracking by masking off of areas of the image. This needs more specific software such as Premiere, Avid Symphony, Resolve.



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