Pricing for Sublime Pictures

Our Services Are Available For You At Affordable Prices

We know you are under more and more pressure financially yet still require a professional service. Please speak to us early about your post production project and we can build a workflow to best finish your project on schedule and at the right quality. Talk to us and we are sure we can find a package to suit you.
Software changes quickly and gets more functional even by the week so a proactive approach before and during the project is required.

per hour per Terabyte Approx. Per                   day System
£20/TB for LTO7 £15/TB for LTO6.  LTO6/7 YoYotta or Shotput Pro
Off-line Edit
HD On-line Edit
UHD up On-line Edit
You buy your drive or pay Storage rental

All plus vat at the current rate. Operator dependent. Formula = Editor/Grader at their rate+room rate £50 +PC rate £50 upwards. If higher spec kit is required rate than currently in the suite, rates will increase.


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