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Tea Time In Haworth
Tea Time In Haworth

Cofilmic held a competition to have a sketch made into a film, it was won by Chris Smith. My friend Mark Davenport was given the opportunity to Direct the short film called Tea Time In Haworth. The film was originally a sketch but was fleshed out into a short by adding a little colour in the form of a story involving what at first appears to be a period drama. The result is a old couple having a typical day out played by Anne Reid and Paul Copley in a slightly surreal but believable cafe in Howarth. We took the Arri Alexa 2k 4444 material and transcoded DNXHD 36 files for the Avid off-line. We took this edit done by Craig Leedham at Lion Eyes and did a final cut and dub in Media Composer. Then outputing an AAF to Resolve and then finished a master in 2K in Final Cut.

Once we had the finished grade we made a Digital Cinema Package. See the blog update. Check out the film at a Festival near you soon :)



Jean played by Anne Reid


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