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IN ME – Feature Film
IN ME – Feature Film

IN ME is a dark feature shot on  a Canon 5DMKII and edited on Avid in off-line resolution. We re conformed it in Avid DNxHD185X and output as Quicktime and thousands of TIFF files for input into Baselight for colour grading. Grading was done at Prime Focus. Produced by Dollar Factory Films.

After going bankrupt James sets out to destroy the person who made all his mistakes, himself, leaving no stone unturned in his search for self-improvement. Terry’s small time criminal ideas are off the wall, as he aims to beat the technological advances in criminal investigation by silencing his victims with shame. School teacher Gary discovers his murdered parents after an obscure and horrendous burglary. When Gary gets the opportunity to avenge his parent’s deaths, the resulting retaliation from Chilean drug smuggler Zoe is the cruelest imaginable. Just as James and Gary’s lives appear to be spiraling dangerously out of control, a chance meeting between the two men brings them to discover a newfound perspective that is more liberating than either could have imagined. James ”we are morally bound to teach this bitch (Zoe) a lesson, but first we have to get this garden done.” But before they can move on from the painful decisions of their pasts, they still need to make a few more about their future and these will kill! Written by James Walley

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