Asset Management – File based workflow

Data IS Your Programme!

In a file based workflow, location assett management  throws up different challenges whether you are using a 5D or a Red Epic. You may be on H265 or 6K RAW, the challenges will be different.

Your programme challenges will differ from another shoot crew. Day to day on your own project, needs will vary. If you are constantly rolling, volume is the issue, with high value sets and cast, security and backup may be more of a priority.

We can help by developing a workflow, we can even provide drives and backup services on location and get them back to the edit. Let us come up with a solution, send your project and contact details to us for a free no obligation report.

File based workflow is often referred to inaccurately as tapeless workflow. We use LTO 6/7 to archive at the end of the process so it is not tapeless. There are other technologies for backup emerging but tape is still a great long tern archive system. We can use LTO6 or 7 depending on amount of data to be backed up and budget.

You need your data in three places during the production process or it may not exist at all.

End to End Workflow
“A good end to end workflow delivers productivity,

profit and peace of mind,

that’s priceless”  Brian Barnes


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