Photoshopping On Location


“Photoshopping” a Mark Davenport film is entering more and more festivals and this weekend  is in the ECU film Festival Paris.

To generate more interest and thank the crew we have edited a behind the scenes video called “Photoshopping On Location”

and shows the antics of the crew in Stretford Mall.

When the festival circuit is done we will be releasing a Blu-ray with all the material and stills and unseen footage and possibly even the rushes so people could edit their own version, just an idea, stay tuned! This complements the trailer that has been out for some time but you will have to catch it in a festival to see the film.

Here is the BTS video.

Here is the trailer if you have not seen it before.

Sublime Finished Short Film, Wins Award at Aesthetica 2012

Aesthetica film festival

Photoshopping written and directed by Mark Davenport was finished at Sublime Pictures in Manchester on Final Cut and graded in Colour. See the trailer in our portfolio section here.

The film was submitted to the Aesthetica Festival in York and selected as one of five films to show on the opening night. Mark and I had a great evening at the opening but unfortunately could not stay for the whole event.

Photoshopping won the Best Comedy Award at Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012. Here is what the panel and judges said:

A brilliantly dark comic tale about a woman who is obsessed with photographing celebrities and breaking a world record. The film’s narrative is creative, engaging, and above all funny. The acting and cinematography perfectly capture the obsessive world that the main character inhabits, not to mention there’s a scene with Fern Brittan running through a shopping centre. Magnificent!

Below is the Aesthetica trailer, it is an excellent festival.

ASFF: Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012 Trailer from Aesthetica Magazine on Vimeo.

First video editing in Liverpool suites


Edit 2 played host to the first video edit in Liverpool. Cutting the rushes of a three camera shoot was no easy feat in the time given for the production by Punchline. Three medical case studies were edited with a spectrum of codecs from a Z1, (a real pain digitising tape again) EX1 and GH2 and ingest took until late at night to enable editing to start early the next day. Jamie an ex Lime Pictures editor now freelance and working on Casualty claimed he was getting used to editing medical topics! Final cut pro used to ingest, cut and basic grade.

The system was a temporary rig as the new equipment is still being specified but it is thought that edit two will be an HD video and Pro Tools HD suite.

Jamie Weddell Sublime Pictures

Liverpool edit suites update

liverpool edit 1

The edit suites in Liverpool took a step nearer completion as the worktops went onto the desk chassis. Also we were measuring cable runs to fit the cables from the central apparatus room to the suites. Slow but sure progress, the plan is for edit one to be PC based and 4k/2k/HD capable for finishing on Premiere Pro, Avid Symphony and Da Vinci Resolve. Edit 2 will be a PC that can finish 2k/HD using Premiere Pro and Avid or work on editorial, edit 3 editorial on Avid.

We will keep you updated and also let you know when the launch party is.

liverpool edit 2

Liverpool edit suites take shape


The main video suite started to take shape in Liverpool today, very exciting. After only a morning of juggling wood, panels, bolts, steel legs etc. structure started to form.

We also made a start on the sound dubbing suite which will also double as video edit suite too. So good to be finally building after all the ideas.

Check back as things shape up in the future, if you want to edit or dub in Liverpool get in touch and we can be chatting while we build, even customise for you!