Covid-19 Home Working

We are all now realising that a good internet connection is paramount, not only to connect with the rest of the world but to do business reliably. Small local firms but with global interconnectedness makes sense, especially in a pandemic. To be travelling less, saving resources, polluting less, having more time to enjoy your food. These truths won’t go away when we emerge from lockdown.

I am so lucky to have a fibre cabinet installed in my block!



My thoughts are that with home working the editing will expand. I have had super fast broadband installed with a view to doing more colour grading.

Hyperoptic are now offering amazing speeds for very little money. The 150mb/s up and down would have been unaffordable in the not too distant past. Now it costs only £30 per month with upgrades to 500 and 1Gig!


So apart from being able to offer remote editing we can also upload large files for you. If you have a hard drive that needs picking up locally and the files transferring to a hard to reach place pronto then give us a ring. We are partnering with Xen couriers who will pick up the drive.

If you have files on the drive that are sensitive just encrypt the files before you hand them over. Here are some encryption products in a review by PC world,

By encrypting them before you allow the data offsite you meet your GDPR and  data security obligations.

We use an encrypted optimised delivery chain, through the web from us to your client so it will speed it’s way securely around the world. So why not give it a try?

Bear in mind that if you have gigabytes of data we can upload it quickly but it does need a fast connection at your clients end for them to get it.

There is no point saving 3 days sending a hard drive if it will take them 3 days to download it. But most connections can get pretty fast download, it’s the upload that is often poor.

We did some rough calculations, it would take to upload 1GB, 100GB, and 1000GB (or 1TB) of data.

1 GB** 100 GB** 1000 GB**
1Mbps 2.22 hrs 9.5 days 95 days
2Mbps 1.11 hrs 5 days 50 days
5Mbps 27 min 2 days 20 days
10Mbps 13.5 min 1 day 10 days
150Mbps 1 min 1.6 hrs 16 Hours
1000Mbps 8.5 sec 15 min 2.5 hrs


0 – 100GB** 100 – 1000GB** 1000+GB**
Fee £1/GB 50p/GB 35p/GB

Minimum fee is £30 and so includes the first 30 GB.

Example:  if you need 50 gigs of data in Australia it could take you 5 to 7 days to get it there and cost you about £20 plus time to go to a post office and you probably won’t see that expensive hard drive again. A faster service would probably be £70 for 3 or 4 days but you also run the risk of customs impound, theft, virus delays…

Pickup and return of your drive and transfer of 50GB of data could be as low as £70* and ready for download with your client in 2 or 3 hours. Plus you can get your hard drive back.

Send us an email now or contact Mike at XEN 0161 272 7576.

*Dependent upon the distance and availability.

** GB is 1 gigabyte or 1000 megabytes.

Brother Electrician Labeller Range


We often edit Brother promos for Activideo Communications our sister company.  They have had a good relationship with the blue chip office equipment company for over a decade. This video was an update to the range but it is the first video Activideo  have delivered in 4K.

The footage was acquired on a Black Magic Production Camera at UHD prores HQ. Edited on premiere and versioned in 11 different languages.

The internet and smart TVs are pushing technology faster than the broadcasters. As long as you have a fast pipe to your home or office you can now watch content at quality unheard of a few years ago and from content makers of all sizes from all over the world. It is pretty exciting if you think about it. The challenge as always is what to put in front of the camera?, is there any talent? what is your audience?

Dishy Duo – Edit


We edited a 30 second promo for the Dishy Duo. A couple of cool guys, easy on the eye who promote a healthy lifestyle. Footage from the Phillippines and other North West based studio locations was combined into a social media promo. Airing on Facebook and YouTube. Check the Vlogs for their up to date antics and tips.

Check them out and @thedishyduo

Crocky Trail – New Promo


We have worked on Crocky Trail branded content before. Here we made a long promo and a few short ones to facilitate a social media campaign. Footage was compiled from Black Magic 4k, Panasonic DVX200, GoPro drone and ground originated material. Then we wove our usual editing magic and graded them to deliver in 4k.

Editing A Greek Odyssey featuring Peter Andre


The promo is in 4K quality so if you have a 4K monitor then enjoy.

We have been very busy working on 6 half hour episodes of A Greek Odyssey.
6 TB of challenging but beautiful footage, shot at 4K on a Sony F55 in slog2 brought in on a G Speed Shuttle XL, a great piece of kit. It came with it’s own pelli case on wheels, very handy.


We copied the SxS, sound, time-lapse and aerial dailies onto the G drive and other cheaper drives for backup while out filming in Greece but the G Speed was ready for editing as soon as it was plugged in to the system on our return. Our first challenge was to make a promo for MIPCOM and we did that in style to a track by Chris Andre. We will update this post with the promo when it is released to the public.


This was a case where I went on location and among other jobs managed the dailies and backups so that cards could be re used the next day. Shotput pro was used to validiate the copying process and produce report. Using hire equipment you don’t always get a massive amount of cards to buffer the workflow. Especially when the whole shoot has been put together quickly and on a budget.

Grading the Fusion Swim Video


We love grading, here you see work we did on a moody video that highlights the need to be able to swim. The project was shot on Alexa and the edit was in Avid. When it came to finishing it we rebuilt the timeline in Resolve. Black Magic Design’s Resolve is fast becoming a great edit tool as well as a great grading tool and for certain projects we will be using Resolve to edit. The ability to easily trim and perform edit functions alongside all the great grading tools is really handy. The rendering out is fast too.

Brother Promo and behind the scenes video.


The Brother range of labelling machines has always had portable units for electricians, engineers and technicians. This promo highlighted the new range of machines from Brother.

We edited the Black Magic Cinema Camera and 5D promo footage you can see here using Premiere and after Effects.

The behind the scenes video here, edited  in Avid Media Composer and the Activideo Communications opening animation created in after effects.

One new technique used involved the interview being shot at 4k and the close ups were just zoomed in on the timeline. This will be used much more going forwards to enable better editing of budget material. You can’t beat a perspective change with your angles but cutting in for close ups when you only have one take of one shot is invaluable…

New edit suite in Manchester


Unfortunately we have had to shut our suite in Liverpool as the building we were in has now gone up for sale.

But we are putting in another in Manchester, initially it will be another HD/2k suite but in the next phase we think it will be 2.5k/4k capable.

Still unsure as to the MacPro or PC route, the new MacPro didn’t blow away all concerns… Really we are waiting to see what reasonable grading monitors are coming through in the near future too. The additional suite will facilitate more space for clients to view material and free up the others for existing commitments.

Sublime having two suites for SD/HD Edit 4 and 3. Two suites (1 and 2) for HD/2.5K editing.

Brian Barnes at desk
new suite at Sublime Pictures