About Sublime Pictures

Strategy To Constantly Improve

Sublime Pictues believe that your programme should be the best it can be, we love nothing more than spending hours in darkened rooms using teamwork and technology to make your programme beautiful. Don’t you think your programme needs sublime pictures ‽
We finish on a variety of systems to suit your budget and can implement workflows to suit your production. We don’t force you to use a particular system as these days technology, storage and systems change quickly. We have low cost tools to start with and scale up solutions according to your needs. Our clients are corporate producers, broadcasters and indie film makers.

  • Asset Management and DIT Solutions
  • Editing
  • Finishing
  • Colour Grading
  • Data systems and staff on set
  1. Ideally we want to get involved early, advise best practice and help you come up with an optimum solution.
  2. We look at where your project is and see how we can add value.
  3. Budget is always a consideration and we search for ways to get the best programme for the least money.
  4. Time is always an important factor we look to balance the time with resources to deliver sublime pictures.
Brian Barnes – MD

Brian has been a Broadcast Engineer since 1979, an editor since 1985, video producer since 1995
and Yorkshireman since 1961. He was Head of Technical Operations at Lime Pictures (previously Mersey TV) so knows the communication required between the production team, shoot crew and post production department.
His grading experience started at BBC in telecine grading news live and Granada TV when he used to grade feature films live to air. He learned his editing skills in news production, he was on the team that edited the pilot for This Morning and the show once commissioned. Since then he has edited and finished countless corporates and short films. He has a passion for detail and believes your programme deserves the best quality technically and creatively that your money can buy.

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