Brother Electrician Labeller Range


We often edit Brother promos for Activideo Communications our sister company.  They have had a good relationship with the blue chip office equipment company for over a decade. This video was an update to the range but it is the first video Activideo  have delivered in 4K.

The footage was acquired on a Black Magic Production Camera at UHD prores HQ. Edited on premiere and versioned in 11 different languages.

The internet and smart TVs are pushing technology faster than the broadcasters. As long as you have a fast pipe to your home or office you can now watch content at quality unheard of a few years ago and from content makers of all sizes from all over the world. It is pretty exciting if you think about it. The challenge as always is what to put in front of the camera?, is there any talent? what is your audience?

Dishy Duo – Edit


We edited a 30 second promo for the Dishy Duo. A couple of cool guys, easy on the eye who promote a healthy lifestyle. Footage from the Phillippines and other North West based studio locations was combined into a social media promo. Airing on Facebook and YouTube. Check the Vlogs for their up to date antics and tips.

Check them out and @thedishyduo