Editing A Greek Odyssey featuring Peter Andre


The promo is in 4K quality so if you have a 4K monitor then enjoy.

We have been very busy working on 6 half hour episodes of A Greek Odyssey.
6 TB of challenging but beautiful footage, shot at 4K on a Sony F55 in slog2 brought in on a G Speed Shuttle XL, a great piece of kit. It came with it’s own pelli case on wheels, very handy.


We copied the SxS, sound, time-lapse and aerial dailies onto the G drive and other cheaper drives for backup while out filming in Greece but the G Speed was ready for editing as soon as it was plugged in to the system on our return. Our first challenge was to make a promo for MIPCOM and we did that in style to a track by Chris Andre. We will update this post with the promo when it is released to the public.


This was a case where I went on location and among other jobs managed the dailies and backups so that cards could be re used the next day. Shotput pro was used to validiate the copying process and produce report. Using hire equipment you don’t always get a massive amount of cards to buffer the workflow. Especially when the whole shoot has been put together quickly and on a budget.

Grading the Fusion Swim Video


We love grading, here you see work we did on a moody video that highlights the need to be able to swim. The project was shot on Alexa and the edit was in Avid. When it came to finishing it we rebuilt the timeline in Resolve. Black Magic Design’s Resolve is fast becoming a great edit tool as well as a great grading tool and for certain projects we will be using Resolve to edit. The ability to easily trim and perform edit functions alongside all the great grading tools is really handy. The rendering out is fast too.