Editing Near Media City

Sublime Pictures are a boutique post production providing editing near Media City.

We have moved from the city centre to Safestore at Old Trafford so that we are able to offer quality edit services but at a lower cost.

Video Production Manchester, Activideo Communications Ltd.

Yes all things must come to an end and we have to embrace change. We came to the end of the road with our old place in the centre of town as the water was coming in and our landlords did not want to spend any money on the place. We are sorry to see the old place go as we have many memories there but our new place in Old Trafford has lots going for it.

Safestore at City Park, 34 Brindley Road, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9HQ

The good news is that Sublime is now near Media City we can more easily work with companies in the media mega hub!

The edit suites are clean and dry! ready to welcome new customers needing edit time to craft their video content.

Edit 1 is good for finishing and grading.


Edit 2 is a good all rounder


Edit 3 is the nerve centre with a suite and ingest/backup area.


sublime pictures location

We have 3 affordable suites that spread across the needs of corporate and broadcast. We can also produce bespoke solutions so give Brian a call.

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