Wimbledon 2012 sees File-based 3D Operation for First Time


This is a guest blog from 3D Broadcast Sales.


As a well-established business we at  3D Broadcast Sales have over 35 years worth of experience in selling 3D broadcast tools to the broadcast and corporate market place. Now more than ever, broadcasters are moving away from tape and are instead adopting the transition to file-based workflow systems.

Every single year when the time of Wimbledon arrives the world’s attention falls on the UK, lapping up some amazing tennis from all of the world’s very best tennis players. Now every single year of being televised Wimbledon has been great however in 2011 we saw the tournament get 3D broadcasting for the very first time from the BBC, of which won numerous industry awards. In total, around 18,000 UK viewers watched Wimbledon in 3D in 2011, with the 2012 numbers expected to exceed this.

This 2012 then there has to be something equally as impressive within the broadcast industry in order to make this years’ tournament as impressive as ever, and we recently got wind of something that has happened.

All of this comes from CAN in partnership with Sony, who have seen fit to adopt some of the very latest innovations in the broadcast production industry. Of course, we are talking about ditching the tape here in favour of a more advanced file-based system, and as such Wimbledon 2012 is the first ever tournament to see this advancement.

Sony has ditched the tape for a fully working system it has developed called HDCAM SR Master Technology which allows for all data to be recorded and saved to the highest quality as physically possible.

On this latest advancement in 3D broadcast production, CAN’s Duncan Humphreys said: “Last year’s 3D production ran incredibly smoothly which allowed us to concentrate on the production values of the coverage and on the creative aspects of telling the story of the 2011 Championships. This year we will again be looking to heighten the viewer’s experience of the event and give them a true on court perspective of the tournament.”

So far numerous television networks around the world have announced their intentions to broadcast this live 3D feed to people around the world.

Ditching the tape and opting for a more advanced file-based system is nothing new. Currently, hundreds of production companies across the UK have adopted a file-based system replacing tape, and to simplify this to the average consumer image this; when was the last time you saw anybody use a traditional film camera over a digital one? It is that advancement that is not only happening on a consumer level but is also making its way down the professional broadcast level also.
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