Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Adobe CS6 continues skyward

Adobe have redefined post production over the last few years, they have slowly crept up on Apple and taken over the space where Final Cut Pro was dominating. How Apple let that dominance slip is beyond me. I know they took their eye off the pro market to concentrate on the domestic arena but didn’t need to. They are extremely rich and I am sure that Pro market sales of software and hardware would have justified itself, there is now a Facebook page for users crying out for a new Mac Pro and it has 16000 likes already. I really want a new high end Mac Pro becasue at the end of the day I like using them and it is great to be able to use Apple software tools and Avid and Adobe on the same workstation.

I don’t want to go back to the Dark Side but the HP 820 or even a HP Z1 as an alternative to an iMac is looking pretty sweet at the moment…

Especially for corporates and owner operators or even agencies bringing post in house a Studio product with the ability to deliver all areas of post at an attractive price is too desirable to resist. The people and talent to operate it is another subject!

Now Adobe are offering a monthly fee to use the whole suite of products and as an existing user you may qualify for the low rate of £27 per month!

You have to sign up for a year but if you don’t like it you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

To get all the Adobe suite of products including the new speed grade (previously Iridas) including new updates as you go is amazing. with the right workstation you can be ingesting, encoding, mastering 4k/5K material, producing special effects, dubbing and authoring discs all for Yorkshireman price! 🙂

I signed up straight away, use photoshop once with the new content aware tools and you can justify the expense in time saving alone but with all the creative options here it is a no brainer. It seems Adobe’s strategy is hook customers in for the long haul, a good strategy that Apple started and perfected then ditched!

I have not had time to absorb all the benefits of creative cloud but I’ll report as I do.

Excitin init?