Liverpool edit suites update

liverpool edit 1

The edit suites in Liverpool took a step nearer completion as the worktops went onto the desk chassis. Also we were measuring cable runs to fit the cables from the central apparatus room to the suites. Slow but sure progress, the plan is for edit one to be PC based and 4k/2k/HD capable for finishing on Premiere Pro, Avid Symphony and Da Vinci Resolve. Edit 2 will be a PC that can finish 2k/HD using Premiere Pro and Avid or work on editorial, edit 3 editorial on Avid.

We will keep you updated and also let you know when the launch party is.

liverpool edit 2

Black Magic Cinema Camera


Hot off the heels of the exciting news about the digital Bolex and then Sony releasing about 3 new cameras in a week, namely the NEX-FS700, PMW-100 and HXR-NX30E (which has a built in projector!) I will be having a quick roundup of some new Sony technology in the next barnesytv blog post.

All this exciting news has been over shadowed by the announcement of the Black Magic Cinema Camera.

black magic cinema camera
Black Magic Cinema Camera

It is a game changing camera at a crazy low price. In fact they have actually lowered the price since I ordered it from £1925 to £1811.76 those very nice creative video people!

As with the digital bolex the camera shoots 13 stops of latitude and the option of DNXHD ProRes or raw, something that we have all wanted but only been available on RED, ARRI and other top level expensive cameras. It has been enjoyed by still photographers and timelapse junkies for ages, they are spoilt as they can virtually shoot any resolution they want in RAW and with HDR to get amazingly stunning cinematography. Us mortals that require to shoot 24 to 30 HD frames a second all day are generally denied the luxury of RAW.Not now, enter the …. I am sorry I can’t keep calling it the Black Magic Cinema Camera, maybe Barnesycam as referred to in my other blog, here I’ll use BMCC.

With the arrival of the BMCC many of camera enthusiasts wishes have been delivered, I can’t wait to get shots from this into the edit suites and see the sublime pictures.