Great narrative workflow


There are many ways to cut a story. Editors like to throw pictures around and production types often like to use words in a word processor to tell a story, oh and those other creatives, what are they called, oh yeah writers… An established way to work like this is to is to transcribe the interviews and any speech then edit in a word processor and then work out timecodes to tell the editor what to cut. This is very good from an editorial point of view but slow in process. Check out this article from Larry Jordan about PR edit, it is a cool bridging piece of software that enables Premiere and Final Cut to work together to auto transcribe, edit as text but carry metadata to get a cut list automatically after the words have been cut in  a WP!

  • Create text transcripts automatically in Premiere.
  • Export the transcripts as an XML file
  • Review and edit the transcripts in prEdit as text files
  • Select the clips you want to build into a sequence
  • Export the selected clips as an XML file
  • Open that XML file in Final Cut Pro, or Premiere, as an edited sequence.

This is great for reducing the amount of time in suites (as a post company why am I letting you in on it!) as you can get the producers, directors, assistant producers to cut a narrative structure before it even sees a suite.

The reason I am letting you in on it? we hate going round in circles in suites or having to charge you more than we need to get an incisive, entertaining or informative programme to hit the airwaves/webwaves.

So check out Larry’s article and save time, money and make better content.