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  • Accelerate Promo

    Shot on Black Magic, 5Dmk2 and GoPro. Directed by Aidan Belizaire.

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  • The Voorman Problem

    This Mark Gill film was shot on Red One at 4K, we managed the data and provided a dry hire editing facility for the Project. A BAFTA and Oscar Nominated film.

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  • One In Five

    This gritty film for indictus was Shot on a C300 in HD, we took an Premiere edit and graded and finished the project before making a 2K DCP for Soho viewing

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  • Tea Time In Haworth

    This short film by Mark Davenport features Anne Reid and Paul Copley. We managed the 2K 444 Alexa assets, conformed a 2K master in Final Cut and graded in Resolve. 2K DCP for cinema showing.

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  • Photoshopping

    This award winning short film by Mark Davenport features Fern Britton in her acting debut. We managed the Red One assets at 4K, conformed a 2K master in Final Cut and graded in colour.

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  • Ideals Music Video

    This Ideals "Significant Other" music video shot in Manchester on a 5D was online edited in Final Cut Pro and graded in colour.

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  • The Crocky Trail

    The Crocky Trail is a family theme park in Chester and this simple but effective commercial is used on facebook the web site and potentially for TV.

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  • Brother Mobile Scanner Promo

    These mobile scanners are portable and easy to use. This promo shot on a 5D illustrates these qualities and gives a mobile vibrant feel. Edited in Final Cut Pro and graded in Resolve and motion tracking in Motion.

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  • IN ME - Feature Film

    IN ME is a feature film by Dollar Factory Films. We conformed the film in Media Composer and output as TIFFs for grading in Baselight.

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Your post production taken to a new level
  • Beauty

    Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. Ralph Waldo Emerson. We think your post production should have beauty

  • Vision

    The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. Albert Einstein. A naive truth gives your editing impact..

  • Insight

    Insight is the first condition of Art. George Henry Lewes. The first thing we bring to your finishing is insight.


Sublime Pictures is a boutique post production house with bases in Manchester. We are dedicated to making your programme as editorially and picture perfect as possible. Please get in touch and let us know how we can best serve your business. We innovate and harness technology to make sublime pictures and sound. If the perfect system you desire isn’t available perhaps we can put it in place for you!



We often use the same programs that you use to edit so we can make finishing more cost effective. Please get in touch for a free workflow analysis and/or quote for post production services. We can offer full services with personnel or you can use your own staff and dry hire. We don’t just sit in edit suites we can also come out on location and back up data and ensure that your rushes make it to the edit in one piece. We use any tools that can get the job done and don’t nail any particular colour to the mast. Avid Media Composer with Symphony option, Premiere CC, Final Cut 6 and 7 (even X!), Resolve, Colour are some of the programs we utilise.



Although most client require HD delivery of one form or another we can finish 2k masters and DCPs. We believe that there will be more and more need for 4K post production going forward. This will be accelerated more as 4K displays become readily available at a resonable cost. There are more 4K cameras coming onto the market too. Youtube and other deliverers of content will be offering 4K in the relatively near future and all these factors will increase the need for 4K masters.



Here are a few clients we provide post services for Honlodge ProductionsActivideo Communications, The Punchline, Marketecture, Lime Pictures, Dollar Factory Films, Enterasys, Crocky Trail,




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